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What to do if you or a loved one are in a scooter crash

Being involved in an electric scoot crash can be a traumatic experience, and the physical, psychological and financial effects of the crash can potentially last for the rest of your life. The good news is, if someone else was at fault in the accident, you may be entitled to just compensation, and this compensation could cover all of your current and future losses. In order to protect your legal rights, however, there are some steps you should try to take as soon as possible.

What Should You Do After an Electric Scooter Crash?

Here are seven important steps to take if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident involving an electric scooter:

1. Collect Information at the Scene

Collect as much information at the scene of the accident as you can. This includes the specific location where the accident occurred, the driver’s insurance information (if you were hit by a motor vehicle), witnesses’ contact information, and the name of the scooter manufacturer or rental company. Take plenty of photos at the accident scene as well.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention right away. Do not put this off. If you do, the insurance companies will use your delay as an excuse to try to blame you for your own injuries. Go to the emergency room if necessary, and be sure to tell the doctor that you were injured in a scooter accident.

3. Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Once you receive a diagnosis and treatment plan, make sure you consistently follow your doctor’s advice (or seek a second opinion, if necessary). Attending follow-up appointments, going to physical therapy and resting while you heal are important for your health and your claim for just compensation.

4. Stay Off of Social Media

When seeking financial compensation for an electric scooter accident (or any other type of accident), it is generally best to stay off of social media. While you may want to tell everyone what happened, anything you say online can be used against you in your case.

5. Keep a Daily Journal

Each day, write down how your injuries from the accident impact your life. How bad was your pain? Did you miss work? Did you miss a game or recital? Did you have to pay someone to do something that you would normally do on your own? These are all important facts for your claim for compensation.

6. Learn More about Your Case

Learning more about your case will help you make informed decisions along the way. For more information about protecting your legal rights after an electric scooter accident, we encourage you to read:

7. Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

In order to recover just compensation for an electric scooter accident, you will need to work with an experienced attorney. You should schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible.

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