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Recalls of EScooters

Experienced Injury Lawyer for Victims of Florida eScooter Accidents

When you buy an electric scooter (or eScooter) or pick up a rentable scooter on the sidewalk, you expect it to function as intended. You expect the throttle and brakes to work properly, and you expect it to get you to your destination safely.

Unfortunately, like all products, eScooters have the potential to be defective, and several recent lawsuits have targeted dangerous scooter defects. Some of these defects have led to widespread recalls.

Recent  Electric Scooter Recalls

In recent years, notable eScooter recalls have included:

  • Lime Rentable eScooters Recalls – In 2018, scooter rental company Lime issued two separate recalls within the span of a month. The first recall was due to reports of the batteries in certain Lime scooter models spontaneously catching fire. The second resulted from reports of Lime eScooters breaking in half, with the handlebars separating from the standing platform.
  • Self-Balancing eScooter (Hoverboard) Recalls – As has been widely reported, several companies have recalled self-balancing eScooters (or “hoverboards”) due to reports of fires and explosions.
  • Glion eScooter Recall – In 2016, Glion recalled approximately 230 electric scooters due to an issue that could potentially cause the scooters to break where they fold in half.
  • Urban626 eScooter Recall – Also in 2016, Urban626 issued a recall for approximately 1,200 of its electric scooters due to concerns over a faulty bolt that presented a potential fall hazard.

FAQs: Electric Scooter Recalls and eScooter Accident Injuries

Q: How can I find out if an electric scooter has been recalled?

If you were injured in an eScooter accident and would like to find out if the scooter on which you were riding has been recalled, you can visit However, since the list here is not comprehensive (for example, the Lime recall is not included), you can also check the news or discuss your case with an attorney.

Q: What should I do if I was injured on a recalled electric scooter?

If you were injured while riding a recalled eScooter, or if a member of your family was injured, you should speak with a Fort Lauderdale scooter crash attorney right away. You may be entitled to financial compensation; and, if you are, there are some important steps you will need to take in order to protect your legal rights.

Q: Can I seek compensation if I was injured on a scooter that has not been recalled?

Yes. While safety issues are common, only a small portion of eScooter accidents involve recalled scooters. If you have been injured in any type of accident involving any type of scooter, you should seek legal representation promptly.

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