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Types of Escooters

The proliferation of rentable electric scooters (or eScooters) across the country has led to a rise in the popularity of eScooters in general. Along with eScooter rental companies like Bird, Lime and Spin, several manufacturers sell electronic scooters for personal use in stores and online. These scooters come in various shapes and sizes, and range from light and foldable two-wheel scooters to much larger three and four-wheel scooters with seats, baskets and other features.

Rentable Dockless eScooters

Most of the rentable eScooters available today are known as “dockless” scooters. They are called “dockless” because renters can pick them up and leave them virtually anywhere (although laws and regulations generally require that eScooters be left out of pedestrian and vehicle traffic lanes and other rights of way). When a dockless electronic scooter is running low on charge, an individual working for the scooter rental company will pick it up, charge it and then drop it off at another public location.

While each eScooter rental company touts its own unique features and benefits, most rentable dockless scooters are fairly similar. They have two wheels, they can go somewhere in the range of 20 miles on a single charge (enough for multiple rentals in most cases) and they connect to the rental companies’ apps so that riders can pick them up, drop them off and pay with just their phones. Riders can check their scooters’ battery levels in the app as well, and speeds are usually limited to 15 miles per hour (which is the legal limit in most cities).

Brands of rentable dockless eScooters include:

  • Bird
  • Bolt Mobility
  • Lime
  • Lyft
  • Razor
  • Skip
  • Spin

Other Types of eScooters

Along with rentable dockless eScooters, various other types of eScooters are available as well. Similar to rentable scooters, lack of safety features, speed and other factors all present accident risks for riders of:

  • Children’s eScooters – Electric scooters marketed specifically to children can be particularly dangerous for kids who do not have prior experience with similar pieces of equipment.
  • Mobility eScooters – Three and four-wheeled mobility scooters may offer more stability than two-wheeled eScooters; however, they can still present injury risks for unsuspecting riders.
  • Moped eScooters – While traditionally gas-powered, mopeds are now sold with electric power, and they can often travel faster than other types of eScooters.
  • Seated eScooters – Some two, three and four-wheel eScooters include seats for the rider. While this provides added comfort, it may also be more difficult to safely disembark from a seated position in the event of an accident or emergency.
  • Self-Balancing eScooters – Segway scooters and other self-balancing scooters (or “personal transporters”) can also be dangerous for inexperienced riders and for those traveling in high-traffic areas.

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